Stella Berg BA MCH

I was fortunate enough to do part of my training (after studying at two UK colleges) in India, where homeopathy is widely and successfully  used in heart disease, cancer and many other serious diseases. I've been practising and teaching homeopathy now  for 35 years now, still love it, and never ceased to be amazed and delighted by how dramatically fast living beings can repair themselves of sometimes the most horrendous diseases.  

As more and more people are turning to natural healthcare, those of us who have had many years' experience can advise sensibly on how to manage  the whole range of serious illnesses, and how to use standard medical care where appropriate as well as benefitting from using the alternatives to drugs and surgery.  I can do consultations by Skype if necessary although for the best care a personal meeting in undoubtedly the most helpful.

A lot of my time these days is also spent teaching people how to take care of their health, doing day, evening and weekend classes on nutrition, naturopathy, homeopathy and herbalism. if you are interested in any of these please contact me to find out what I'm doing.

it’s a rare privilege to be so happy in one’s work; for me it is being able to perform little miracles daily.
Since I was very young I wanted to find ‘my work’. After finishing a philosophy degree at Warwick I worked at a raft of different jobs: with people just out of mental hospital, as a residential social worker, as a housemother at Summerhill School, with young drug users as well as running a small, very enjoyable silk business. Although they have all proven very useful experience, I wasn’t satisfied with any of them.

One evening I met a man at a party who described homoeopathy to me and it was a revelation. Here at last was my work…. the following day I enrolled in the only homoeopathic college in England. Almost immediately a friend burned herself severely at a firework party and insisted that I treat her as she didn’t like hospitals. She improved so rapidly that it healed completely in only a few weeks. Then a motorbike accident almost severed my leg: the effect of using homoeopathy caused enormous astonishment to the doctors caring for me. The leg remains, works well, and sealed my fate as a passionately committed homoeopath. 
For the next ten years I picked many brains, attended two colleges and worked in the Bombay Homoeopathic Hospital, where I saw how shockingly effective homoeopathic medicine can be in deep pathology from epilepsy to heart disease. I have never forgotten what I saw there, and this has influenced how I practise.
I became Head of Philosophy at my old college in London, and from there taught in the UK, Hungary, the Czech Republic, New Zealand, Turkey and other countries. Since my son was born I also train my own students. Especially I require all my students to learn logic, and to think and communicate clearly about what they are doing: homoeopathy is not a woolly subject and its practitioners need to be well equipped with reason and analytic powers.

Having moved from East London to the beautiful Welsh borders, I divide my time now between practicing and writing, and am currently working on my first two books. I still get a bit overzealous now and then, but I’ve learned not to talk about homoeopathy at parties at last! When not wearing my homoeopathic hat I lead a- lively family and social life, and paint, walk, sail and laugh a lot.

Summer and autumn this year will be quite busy. I encourage patients to come in for a check-up around the Equinox - especially children - two weeks after that is generally when people start their colds and start generally feeling run down: prevention is always better than cure.