What My Patients Have To Say

"I brought my 16-month-old baby to see Stella for recurring ear infections. She was getting many antibiotics and they came back almost every month. After two appointments she has never had another infection and her sleep and energy are really good now. I'm so pleased I've booked to do a home treatment class myself!"

Gemma S

"After years of coping with constant tiredness, when I tried all sorts of drugs. Nothing seemed to help. Finally I tried Homeopathy and your diet and magic pills seem to have done the trick, and I'm backon my bike agin, feeling ten years younger. Thank you, thank you."

Keith M

"When I was told I had an underactive thyroid and would be on medication for life I wasn't sure anyone could help me. Now I am back on form have lost 18lbs and as long as I don't stray too far from the diet, feel I have enough energy for my family again. Brilliant!!"

Sarah McK

"I brought XXXX to see you when we were quite desperate. Because of the endometriosis she was told she probably needed a hysterectomy and at 23 we were horrified. Two years on, she's well and expecting her first child in May: I wanted to let you know. We are all so grateful for your kindness and wisdom."

Steven D

"I just wanted to tell you that I have a new husband! Gone are the irritable, snappy moods, sudden rages and evenings of just sitting miserably around doing nothing. XXXX has been talkative and cheerful, and we're going to Florida in the summer to see the granschildren. I couldn't be happier, thank you."

Suzi R

"Since I did your home subscribers course last year we have moved to a smallholding in Pembrokeshire, and I have to tell you that the kit is needed almost every day! If it isn't the children then the goats need something, and it is really amazing what the little white pills do. I gave some Pulsatilla to my best nanny when her milk didn't come and now she's doing well. It's so easy, and I feel more confident about treating the children. They love my little blue box"

Millie F

"No heyfever this year at all. I'll come back as you said in the autumn, but it felt amazing not to be streaming and sneezing right through the summer! I'm sending my daughter next."

Milo T

"Hot Flushes - All gone! Why don't more people know about this? After seven years of misery I sleep well, stay cool and my husband reckons I'm more lively than I have been in years (putting it politely). I think he's right. Life is more fun now."

Liz M

"I am writing to thank you for treating XXXXX. The difference in him is wonderful, no more tantrums before school, he eats properly without much fuss - though he still won't touch salad! - and his form mistress said he's been concentrating much better and can go up a stream next term."

Mandi F

"My mother asked me to write and tell you that her irritable bowel has settled down pretty well and she is sticking to the diet like glue. She seems to have more energy since, and is more confident about going out and about again, which is a great relief. We'll bring her back for a check up in a month, but I think you'll be pleased with her progress."

Margeret L

"I no longer have the cracking headaches that have been plaguing me most days although I occasionally feel one coming on and if I drink a lot of water it usually subsides quite quickly. You said it would take a few months but I am feeling rather better at the moment. Thank you for your help."

Steve B

"Since last weeks tablets, XXXXX has been going off to nursary every morning quite happily: no more tears, no problems getting dressed or clinging to me at the gate. I wish I'd known about homeopathy before!"

Mari D