Homoeopathic Heathcare - Enjoy Life Again

Homoeopathy is a precise and effective tool for restoring health.

A hundred years ago, about one fifth of general practitioners in Great Britain were homoeopaths. 

They were the typical family doctors who knew their patient's constitution, had a strong bond with the family and who had the time to listen carefully to decide the treatment needed to restore health.

A century on, we have not changed this approach but because the NHS has had to speed up, homoeopaths are now notable for taking plenty of time; I still investigate the symptoms carefully to get a real understanding of the problem.


Nominally we treat diseases but actually we treat individuals; we offer the luxury of really listening to you, and each person’s unique story combined with our experience gives us an understanding of how and why an individual has become unwell, and this supports us in finding the best and often gentlest way forward to effect a cure.

Homoeopaths are, really, in general practice. We don’t make generalised assertions about cure. We see patients and then make an evaluation of the number of consultations required, based on the patient’s strength and determination, the tenacity of the disease and our skill and knowledge.

Health should encompass joy and freedom from syptoms and pain, as well as and abundance of energy and good humour.

According to the World Health Organisation report published in 2005 homeopathy is the most widely-used medical system on the planet.

Simple - Effective - Safe

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