The Foundation Year is an excellent grounding in the basics of homeopathy, which serves both for effective home prescribing for most common ailments, and as a platform from which to train as a professional homeopath. The structure is nine weekends rather like the introduction weekend, again the fees are flexible, I'm hoping for £1600 but don't mind if people need some reduction from that. 
In all, it's about 130 hours' direct study, plus some individual support, and if the lockdown intervenes we can rearrange for mostly virtual classes. Some full days are needed to really get to grips with casework, and it would be a shame not to meet at all. So possibilities would include
- three full days plus three-hourly weekly meetings over 35 weeks OR
- starting and ending with an in-person weekend, 3 full days and 30 three hour meetings. 
During the year, students will learn to treat a wide range of acute disease, get a good overview of some fifteen major 'constitutional' remedies, the principles on which we understand both disease and how to assess and restore overall health, and learn the rather complex means of choosing and using remedies. Students will learn what NOT to treat, what is notifiable and how to liaise with the medical establishment. I can provide a curriculum and booklist for the year, (when I can dig it out!) although the exact timetabling varies with the group of students (more animal or child focus etc). Last I heard, it was well recognised as a suitable first year at most of the Homeopathic colleges. For this course, about ten hours a week of home study is needed to fully benefit, and at the end I offer a further two/three year professional training which is accepted as an apprenticeship by the two major Registers. This is a serious study and students must also take an Anatomy and Physiology course, and expect to 'sit in' with practitioners to gain direct experience before beginning their own practice. Unlike the colleges, I continue to offer mentoring and support for several years until new practitioners are ready to fly. I don't guarantee to continue training with less than four students, as the amount of work for me is the same: enormous and tiring!
Entry to the Foundation year is for practically anyone. Further study is determined by interview; not everyone has to be very literate or academic, but you do have to be able to think, and be prepared to learn a bit of logic: this is not a woolly subject; and being responsible for the health of others is a heavy responsibility for which not everyone is suited. 
Do please spread the information around: perhaps Rhizome or Radical Balers would be willing to tell their networks s well. You'd be doing me a great service if you could help with recruiting the group! My favourite size is six students but I can cheerfully teach up to ten, which increases the likelihood of continuing on with further study. 

Deposit £50.00 GBPStandard Package (balance) £199.00 GBPDeluxe Package (balance) £299.00 GBPUltimate Package (balance) £399.00 GBPStandard Package (full payment) £249.00 GBPDeluxe Package (full payment) £349.00 GBPUltimate package (full payment) £449.00 GBP

Course Pricing


per year (130 hours)

  • Standard pricing - includes course notes and lunches


per year (130 hours)

  • Subsidised Pricing for those on benefits - please contact me for qualifying criteria